Tabir 2019-20: New Program!

With some minor adjustments we’ve created the following tabir program for novaky and yunaky. Our home base will be the Plast Domivka in Lidcombe and all food and transport is provided by Plast.

Friday 27/12

12 noon: Novaky and Yunaky meet at the Plast Domivka, 1/1-3 Nicholas St Lidcombe.

We will hold an official Opening ceremony then we say goodbye to mama and tato and the kids will be taken for an afternoon full of fun activities with camp Bulava. Both Novatstvo and Yunatstvo will sleep over at the Domivka.

Saturday 28/12 

A full day of abseiling in Lindfield, then return to Domivka for dinner. Another sleepover at the Domivka.

Sunday 29/12 

We start the day with Mass at St Andrew’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Lidcombe, then surprise outings for Novatstvo and Yunatstvo, meeting back at Domivka for dinner.

Novatstvo will be going home for a good night’s sleep. Please collect your Novak or Novachka by 5pm. 

Yunatstvo stay at Domivka.

Monday 30/12 

Canoeing, swimming and fishing! Novaky will need to be brought back to the Domivka by 8am to travel with us by bus to the Rodd Point location.

We return to Domivka for a 4:30pm official Closing ceremony. Parents: please join us at this time.

Tuesday 31/12 – 2/1

Yunatstvo will stay at Domivka and continue with activities and a New Years Eve party.  More info for parents of yunatstvo will be communicated closer to the time.