Epidemic Vmilost

Novatstvo will be working toward merit badge #1 during their Bowen Mountain bushwalk, 19th July, 2020.


Have you washed your hands a gazillion times these last few months? Learnt more about viruses than you ever thought possible? Then join us on our Bowen Mountain bushwalk where you’ll not only get to explore the Blue Mountains National Park with your Plast buddies, you’ll also have the chance to earn yourself a new badge. The Epidemic Preparedness Vmilost (badge) takes you through all the steps in keeping you and your friends safe.

If you get a chance, have a look at some of the below to help you prepare :

  • you’ll need to show me how to properly wash your hands. What song can we sing while washing?
  • can you think of 3 times when you should wash your hands?


  • Do you know how to *safely* cough or sneeze into a tissue?
    • Hint: Cover all your ‘holes’!
  • What should you do with the tissue afterwards?
  • And what if you don’t even have a tissue?! How would you cough or sneeze?
    • Show me how you would cough or sneeze into your elbow. (Think about those ‘holes’ again!).

What about ‘quarantine’?

  • Big word. What is it? Why is it important? Do you know how to say it in Ukrainian?

Where is it best to sneeze?

  • in a cotton hanky?
  • in your hand?
  • in Sestrychka’s hand?
  • in a paper tissue?