Epidemic Vmilost

Novatstvo will be working toward merit badge #1 during their Bowen Mountain bushwalk, 19th July, 2020.


Have you washed your hands a gazillion times these last few months? Learnt more about viruses than you ever thought possible? Then join us on our Bowen Mountain bushwalk where you’ll not only get to explore the Blue Mountains National Park with your Plast buddies, you’ll also have the chance to earn yourself a new badge. The Epidemic Preparedness Vmilost (badge) takes you through all the steps in keeping you and your friends safe.

If you get a chance, have a look at some of the below to help you prepare :

  • you’ll need to show me how to properly wash your hands. What song can we sing while washing?
  • can you think of 3 times when you should wash your hands?


  • Do you know how to *safely* cough or sneeze into a tissue?
    • Hint: Cover all your ‘holes’!
  • What should you do with the tissue afterwards?
  • And what if you don’t even have a tissue?! How would you cough or sneeze?
    • Show me how you would cough or sneeze into your elbow. (Think about those ‘holes’ again!).

What about ‘quarantine’?

  • Big word. What is it? Why is it important? Do you know how to say it in Ukrainian?

Where is it best to sneeze?

  • in a cotton hanky?
  • in your hand?
  • in Sestrychka’s hand?
  • in a paper tissue?


Bowen Mountain Bushwalk – Novatstvo


Novatstvo! You are invited to a day exploring the Bowen Mountain bush and it’s amazing recovery after the bushfires.

Please note the NEW DATE: Sunday 19th July

Permission Form

Everyone walking (participants, volunteers, parents) needs to register before the day:

Online permission form

Start & End

Meet us at 10am @ Bowen Mountain Park. We’ll start walking at 10:30am. 

We’ll return to the park at 2:30pm.

Getting here

Bowen Mountain Park is at: 103 Lieutenant Bowen Rd, Bowen Mountain NSW 2753
Google Maps location

The park has a playground and basic public toilets.

Public transport is limited. 


Please join us if you can! Just add your name to the permission form.
If you would rather drop and run, there are many beautiful places to explore in the area, such as Kurrajong village, and fruit-picking capital, Bilpin. Please ensure Sestrychka Tanya has your contact details before you go. Meet us back at the park at 2:30pm.

The track

We will be following the ‘Western Ridge Trail’, from Duffy’s track, just behind the park. It is approx. 3.5km one way, and we’ll be returning via the same path. We’ll have lunch on a rocky outcrop looking out toward Mt Tomah.
There are some small hills as we follow the ridge. It is considered an ‘easy’ grade walk, along a sandy and well-maintained fire trail.
You’ll see lots of beautiful old trees bursting with new growth after the summer fires. It is pretty long though, so bring your resilience!!

Health & Safety

We’ll have a first aid kit and hand sanitiser. Please stay home if you are unwell (even slightly). If you need to cancel last minute, call/text Tanya Karliychuk on 040 9988 377.


  • Plastova hustka
  • water
  • lunch
  • a snack or two
  • light rain jacket
  • beanie

These should be in a small backpack for you to carry.
Wear comfortable, enclosed shoes, and warm clothes. Day time temperatures are around 15 degrees. Remember that weather can change quickly in the mountains.


Free for Plast members (membership is $5).
Everyone walking (members & non-members) need to fill in the permission form. 


The Coordinator for this activity is:
Pl. Sen Tanya Karliychuk
Mob/whatsapp: 040 9988 377
Email: [email protected]

If you feel that the participant is overdue in returning from the activity you should contact:

Pl. Sen. Lenny Lulka – 0416 046 270

The activity will be under direct adult supervision, and involve both male and female youth members. Both male and female parents/leaders will be present.